We believe that Pipers reflects the qualities of the city we call home – innovative, diverse and optimistic in the face of challenge. But in order for Pipers to keep pace, we must aim higher. That’s why in April 2006, the framework of RESPONSIBILITY and RESPECT was formally adopted by the owner, senior staff and other managers.

If one word could describe all of the ambitious goals we have set forourselves, it would be quality. We are seeking to improve the quality of everything we do. Ultimately, it’s about giving our customers the best merchandise possible at the best possible price.

The Business Plan is based on our mission statement that guides all our decision-making:

  1. We are a people store.
  2. We serve the community.
  3. We strive to offer the best prices in the country on all our products.
  4. We strive to do this in an atmosphere of harmony and fun and mutual respect.

The mission statement governs our priorities and influences our strategic allocation of resources. It ensures that all stakeholders will benefit from outstanding merchandising procedures. The mission statement, when practiced, will increase the probability that we will grow both in size and quality through the preferential allocation of the resources available to us. Each area, although already strong, is ready to take a major step forward in achieving recognition for our quality and commitment to our customers because we respect our suppliers, our customers and our fellow staff.